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I am amazed at your ability to move the needle, it is a rare ability and you do it easily. I would recommend you to any of my top clients.

– Justin Brooke, Founder,

the most powerful and effective consultant and business coach I have ever hired

Liana Ling is the most powerful and effective consultant and business coach I have ever hired. And I have hired over 10 consultants in the course of running my business. What separates Liana from all of the others are two key factors. Her recommendations work! And she handholds you all along the way. She makes it happen. I used to feel like a deer in the headlights when recommendations were made. I had no idea how to do it. Liana walks with my team and I and guides us until we realize the outcomes. My Facebook followers grew by 30% in less than 8 weeks. My monthly subscriber rate doubled.

Thank you Liana!

– Sally Haughey, Founder, Fairy Dust Teaching

You are going to want one of her in every color!!

Haven't met Liana Ling yet? Look out! You are going to want one of her in every color!! Liana has been my marketing partner for the last 3 years. Her ability to see the vision, build the strategy, and bring it to life never ceases to amaze. Liana stays on top of the latest trends in online marketing. She not only understands what needs to be done strategically, but she is a master of bringing it all to life – from campaign management in your CRM to choice of ads strategy and implementation. Liana and her team have you covered.

– Amber McCue,

Liana has been incredible to work with so far! She cares about the details and lets you know exactly what to do to maximize your ads opportunities. Liana goes above and beyond in order to complete your projects and get you the results you want. She's made running my first ever sales funnel so relaxed and easy. I look forward to working with her again & again!

– Elsa Isaac, Pro Fashion Stylist (She has styled Lenny Kravitz, Katie Couric and Marie Forleo!),

Liana you rock!! I’m incredibly grateful to have connected with you almost 6 years ago. Because of you, I have learned so much about pretty much anything and everything online, working with clients, communication skills, sales, coaching… I can go on and on. You have always given me the best advice. I know this because every time I take your advice, it works!! When a question pops up in my head, first thing that comes to mind, ‘gotta ask Liana’. You’re my guru!! I swear you have the super power of knowing everything!! To add, you do it all with heart. I absolutely love how much you love your clients. How you go beyond what’s needed, and go for extraordinary!! Your levels of service are above and beyond what you commonly see. You rock!!

– Diane Pascos, Life Coach

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Liana is incredibly versatile when it comes to her understanding of the business owner. She is at the cutting edge for marketing to the entrepreneur and has a deep understanding of what makes them tick. She has helped thousands of entrepreneurs through her work with Birthing of Giants and Business Owners Council and they are always grateful for her advice and counsel.

– Lewis Schiff, Chairman, Birthing of Giants, Founder and Executive Director, Business Owners Council, Author, Business Brilliant: Surprising Lessons from the Greatest Self-Made Business Icons

Liana Ling has made a significant contribution to our work with The Birthing of Giants Fellowship Program. Our entrepreneur education roadmap is based on caring about the outcomes of our Fellows. It's more than a job, it's a calling. Liana has that passion to see our Fellows succeed. I'm grateful for her contribution.

– Norm Brodsky, Entrepreneur in Residence, Birthing of Giants, 3 time Inc. 500 Honoree, Senior Contributing Editor, Inc. Magazine

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