Which would you rather have? A shop full of 100 people who probably won’t buy a thing from you, or a handful of customers who are genuinely willing to give your products a chance?

I know which one I would choose, and I’m fairly certain that you would agree with me.

Obviously, in this case, quality trumps quantity. A packed room doesn’t do your business a bit of good if no one is ready to buy (or even needs what you’re offering!)

The thing that you need to do (and that most people don’t) is apply that same type of thinking to your email list. When it comes to your list, bigger isn’t necessarily better. Having a million subscribers doesn’t mean a thing if there is no chance of converting any of them. So nurturing your list is absolutely crucial. After all, they may not be ready to purchase right this very minute. But, if they signed up for your list, they’re likely open to doing so in the future.

So, how do you keep your subscribers interested, engaged, and receptive? How do you make sure that your emails aren’t consigned to the dreaded Spam folder?

You give them something that they can use.

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Offer value & build relationships.

If every email that you send out to your subscribers is a hard sell, they are going to start tuning you out or, even worse, hitting that unsubscribe link. By all means, send out the occasional email pushing an especially juicy deal or offer. But the majority of your emails need to offer real value to your subscribers. Make sure that the content you send is relevant, interesting, and timely. Share your expertise with them. Address their issues and offer real solutions. You want to build a trusting relationship with your subscribers, one that keeps them opening and reading your emails.

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Understand your subscribers’ needs.

Why did your audience hit the subscribe button in the first place? What did your landing page or website offer them? Chances are, your subscribers choose to sign up because they think that you may offer a solution to their problem, they want access to special offers or discounts, they value your thought leadership, or they want a way to remember you further down the line when your product will come in handy for them. Keep track of how your subscribers interact with your emails – what links are they clicking? Are your discount codes being used? Your subscribers will often let you know what they want, you just need to learn how to listen to them.

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Nurture, nurture, nurture!

You want your subscribers to feel special! So provide special touches that reward them for joining your list and let them know how much you appreciate them. Send out a genuine welcome email when they first join. Ask for birthday information and send a cheery note on the day. Offer subscriber-only discounts and contests. Share a firsthand story of your brand. Share special product tips or industry information. Make your email list the party that everyone wants to attend!


Be patient.

Not every subscriber will purchase immediately and you need to be okay with that. Nurturing your list is an ongoing process – you can’t build a genuine connection overnight. Over time, you’ll build loyalty and trust with your audience. Even if they aren’t purchasing, they’ll be more likely to recommend you to a friend as a brand that they know and like. Just a little bit of effort in nurturing can lead to a great pay-off, so keep that momentum going!

Avoid the Spam Folder: How to Successfully Nurture Your Email List