We live in a world of endless distractions, multitasking, and constant communication. While juggling tasks may seem like a way to fast-track your progress, it’s actually more likely to prevent you from reaching the state of deep focus and concentration that leads to better results – no matter what the task is.

The trick that you need to learn is how to prioritize. 

If multitasking is off the table, then what should take precedence for a business aiming for growth? What deserves your focus and promises the greatest rewards?

The answer is building your email list.

A healthy email list full of willing subscribers can be the lifeblood of your business. After all, where are you more likely to convert and make sales? With people who have never heard of you or people who already know, like and trust you?

Your email list is a fantastic way to build a relationship with your subscribers, boost your brand’s reputation and visibility, and position yourself as an industry leader. Once you’ve built up a great list, you’ll be able to tap into that pool of prospective customers with relative ease. That’s why I always recommend to my clients that they move the email list to the top of their to-do list.

Attract your ideal client

So, how do you go about building your list? I’m not a believer in buying or renting email lists from data companies, for a number of reasons. Not the least of which is the potential harm to your brand’s reputation. Instead, I advise companies to work on building opt-in lists. You can do this a few ways including in-store or after an online sale.

One of the best ways to build an email list full of promising leads is to create an amazing free offer designed to appeal to your perfect customer. The offer could be for an ebook, a digital coupon, or a download code. In order to receive the offer, prospects need to sign up with their email address. At this point, you could also ask for their first name or birthday as well, in order to further personalize future emails.

Take advantage of automation

Once you’ve created a great email list, you can sign up for an email marketing platform. The automation options that they offer make it easy to personalize and target your marketing emails in order to increase your conversion rates. By setting up an intelligent automation system, you can send out hundreds or thousands of targeted emails with just a few clicks – it’s easy to do and offers insane ROI if used right.

The magic of doing one thing.

When you focus solely on growing your email list, you are putting processes in place that will bring in huge results for your business over time.

Email marketing has been proven to work time and time again, so invest the time needed to build a solid list. It doesn’t take a lot of time to create your first series of emails. The beauty of email marketing is that it takes the same amount of time to create and send one email as it does to send 500 emails.

By putting your focus on building your email list, you’re making a huge investment in the future of your business, one that will deliver great, ongoing rewards. This makes it worth putting aside some other tasks for a little while – trust me, they will still be there once you’ve put some time into your list! After all, you can have the most useful product or service in the world, but if you have no one to tell, you’re not going to sell.

How are you going to make growing your email list a priority?

Why You Should Build Your Email List First